Research-led new product design

What we do

PepperOwl is a design firm specialising in new proposition development.

We develop and evaluate new products and services for our partners, and independently pursue projects of interest.
Proposition Research
Proposition Development
Physical Proposition Prototyping
Digital Proposition Prototyping

Our approach

We combine analytical and creative problem solving in the service of identifying & testing new areas of opportunity.

1. Research
Building an understanding of the foundational human experience and need through ethnographic research & data where available
2. Hypothesis formulation
3. Concept development
4. Prototyping and testing


New proposition development work is undertaken as an independent practice, and as a partner to others
1. As an independent practice We explore areas of interest, and develop new tools, products & services
Productising construction site safety
New connected product proposition to reduce harm on site through automated logging and intervention
A new product proposition to keep construction workers safe by automating manual hazard measurement and intervention on site. Venture funded TechCrunch Article
Workplace harassment reporting
A new digital service to simplify workplace harassment training and reporting
A new service proposition to mitigate drivers of workplace harassment. The service structured a programme to empower, support, and escalate. Trialled with the UK Ministry of Justice. Huffington Post Link
On designers' societal responsibility
A perspective on responsible design, and the tools available to the designer with which to achieve it
An exploration of the designers' role in mitigating the reductive effect of technology on the human experience. MIT Journal link  

A home for the phone in the home
If we redefine a connected home as a home for people to connect with one-another, what then are the products to enable this?

An exploration of the designers' role in mitigating the reductive effect of technology on the human experience. MIT Journal link  

Tools for transient labourers in emerging markets
Digital proposition to backstop verbal agreements in low trust contexts
A smartphone based platform for rapid formalisation of verbal agreements, designed to enable trade between strangers in the absence of a trusted relationship Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Link
Improving prototyping by studying craft production
Developing our prototyping approach
Learning from traditional Indian craft fabrication methods to inform novel approaches to modern product prototyping. Research focussed on textiles, block printing, dyeing and stitching.
The digital garage, a home for mobility services and skills
A tool to consolidate and develop driving ability in the city
A new service proposition to help anxious drivers back onto the road through a combination of training and education. Early prototype example
2. As a partner to others
We adapt our process and expertise to help clients develop, evaluate & test new propositions
Improving Fintech roadmap delivery
Backlog prioritisation & delivery planning

A fast-growing Latin American financial technology company brought us on to assess its technical capabilities and accelerate product delivery.

Product discovery for a UK media firm
Investment case development and prioritisation
A leading UK media company brought us on to evaluate new product concepts, identify further areas for growth, and build a plan for investment staged around key success metrics.
Curriculum design for an edtech startup
Product development
A UK education startup brought us on to refine its value proposition for students and corporate partners, and evaluate its alt-MBA curriculum for this target market.

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